Best Catholic Church Furniture

Fellowship demands furniture and the best furniture are traceable to the Catholic Church. From a combination of primordial world craftsmanship to durable wood worship, the Catholic Church has an array of furniture that generates a reliable investment capable of lasting for generations.

Finding the proper type of church furniture can sometimes be very challenging. This may be due to one or more factors such as, what brand to buy, wood type, style and so on. So we want to ease the process of knowing and accessing some of the best future you can find in the Catholic faith premises. We are going to do this by discussing some of this Catholic Church furniture, bringing together a group of excellent pieces of styles and evergreen choices.

So let’s get started…

Furniture found in Catholic churches

As much as the Catholic faith is concerned, the church building is held as a sacred place of divine worship. There have been a lot of questions by non-catholic faithfuls about the unique elements of the church’s traditional architecture and furnishing. Why the statues? Why the altar rails? Of what use are the kneeling pads? Why do Catholic houses of worship have towers and bell? These and many more are some of the questions asked, and equally some of the furniture in the Catholic churches.

The bell tower (Campanile)

The campanile is one of the first pieces of furniture that will draw your attention as you entered the church premises. It is a vertical element that we can see from a distance and also respond to its bell sounds. It is regarded as a timepiece–a call to prayer or worship time.

The Dome

The dome is another wonderful piece of furniture you will find inside or outside the Catholic premises. It is also known as the steeple and is surmounted by the cross. It became popular during the renaissance period, and it’s always designed to be round or oval, having a significant effect on the inside or outside of the church premises. While on the inside, it creates an air of verticality and symbolizing the heavenly kingdom in terms of heights, allowing shafts of lights to get inside of the church. While on the outside, it gives the building that identity of being a church, no matter where it is be located.

The pews

The pews contain some of the best furniture that makes up the inside of a Catholic church. They come with kneelers as well. Most pews are made from wooden benches having a back. A pew with a contoured design enhances seating comfort while providing strength for the pews. some pews also comes with a flat or contour back for improved support and appealing appearance.

Also, all pews in a Catholic place of worship come either in upholstered seat construction, veneered pew body or solid wood pew body. It is pews that make the nave look like a church.

Kneelers and pads

Kneelers are those flat sections below the pews where worshippers can kneel and pray during services or privately on visit. They usually come with pads so they don’t hurt people’s kneels. They are available in different designs, and some may not even come with pads at all.

The Confessional

Placed in the nave, the confessional is a solid piece of furniture that blends well with the architecture of the building it is designed as a door in the wall but appear as a place of reconciliation of the sacrament.

The altar & the Pulpit

The altar is the most dignified and important aspect of the sanctuary. It is that sacred place where the sacrifice of the Eucharist is performed. For a majority of the churches constructed over the years, the altar is always at the center of the sanctuary. While the altar is often designed with excellent wooden materials such as a wooden canopy built over it, contemporary styles also feature materials like tiles, marbles, metals and other slate designs. After that, right in the midst of the altar stands the pulpit.

The pulpit is another important piece of furniture on the altar from where the word of God is proclaimed. Pulpits are generally crafted as top-class work of art. They are not just functional but also very beautiful. The wooden pulpits found in most Catholic churches are commonly decorated with carvings bearing scriptural quotations and markings. It is the raised and most popular pulpits that are always well designed.

Inside most Catholic churches, pulpits are usually found at the left hand or right-hand sides of the sanctuary, but you can also find them on the right side as well—just in front of the nave.

Bible stand

Apart from the pulpit, a bible stand is another prominent feature in churches of the saints. Most of them do exactly what the pulpit does—hold the Bible in place for reading. But unlike the pulpit, the Bible stand is lightweight and can be move speedily from one place to the other, if the need arise. They are made of durable woods and come in different styles, sizes, and colors. While some are adjustable, some are not.

Flower stand

These are mostly wooden designs that help holds flowers for the beatification of the altar and sanctuary.

The Crucifix

The crucifix is a wooden demonstration of the suffering and death of Christ on the cross. It is meant to help Catholics have a visible reflection on the sacrifice of Christ for mankind, and how important we should reverence it. Getting a well designed wooden or metal crucifix is a sure way of fostering Eucharistic devotion.

Final thought

To know more about what makes up the best Catholic Church furniture is to understand even better the emphasis placed on divine worship through such furniture. With this, you can tell how true worship has evolved from the past centuries to this day, and displaying a unique spiritual culture of unchanging legacy.