Buying Antiques

antique furniture

Buying antiques can be really fun – when you find something that triggers nostalgia or happiness or anything in-between, it’s special. Many people would love to buy antiques but they feel intimated by the entire process. Fortunately, buying antiques is not very difficult as long as you take certain things into consideration.

Following are some tips that will help ensure that you have a great antique buying experience:

Do Your Research
The ability to distinguish time periods apart from one another is the most important skill that an antique buyer can possess. For instance, the time clocks from the Renaissance era hold more value as compared to turn-of-the-century pieces. So, before you visit an auction house to buy that ancient poison ring or antique furniture, it is recommended that you learn about the different periods from which these items come from. Pay close attention to components comprising the make-up, types of paint used, certain finishes, and other such details. Thorough research will also help you effectively evaluate questionable items.

Pay Attention to Detail
The craftsmanship put into antique items is the central point for both buyers and sellers. When it comes to antique items, hand and machine crafting are the two most important factors to distinguish from each other. Hand-crafted items hold more value as compared to machine-crafted ones.

The attention to detail put on hand-crafted items is an art form that is rarely found nowadays. You should pay close attention to hand etchings, assembly, painting, and other such factors. Also keep in mind that most hand-crafted items will contain some kind of defects, e.g. small surface impressions, small cracks, paint chipping, etc. By paying attention to such details, you will be able to determine whether the differences between elements and the aging of items are natural or forced.

Visit Auction Houses and Museums
Auction houses and museums are the places to visit if you are looking for authenticity. Auction houses generally hold antique auctions and fairs on a weekly or monthly basis. By attending them and making observation, you will be able to greatly increase your knowledge about antiques, whether it’s antique furniture, poison ring, or something else. You can also visit museums for this purpose. Visiting these spaces will increase your knowledge about antiques and amplify the desire that certain pieces hold.

antique furniture

Buy from the Best
Finding the antiques that you want to buy is difficult enough but once you do, there is another challenge: ensuring authenticity. If you want to protect yourself when it comes to buying antiques, then it is recommended that you buy only from reputable dealers. Auction houses and dealers that carry certain distinctions and certifications will greatly reduce the risk of buying a replica.

It is also a good practice to have your purchased items certified or appraised if they don’t already carry any distinctions. These are some tips you should follow when buying antiques. By following each of them, you will ensure that you make the right decision every time you visit an auction house. And if you have any doubts about a certain antique piece, you can always ask for professional help.