Different types of furniture for your home

Home Furniture

Decorating and setting up a new place can be fun, especially if it is the first time you’ve moved into a new place. But the same first time can also be really confusing and scary to figure out what kind of furniture you need, or what kind of color you want to paint the walls, or the budget or the whole process in general. Buying furniture can be a tough job, especially since there are so many types for so many different rooms. To make things easier, here is a list of the different rooms in your house the different types of furniture that can go into those different rooms.

  • Living room- The focal point of your house. This is usually the first room a guest will enter and the opinion about your house is also usually made once the guests look at this room. So one has to be extremely cautious while furnishing his room. The furniture that can go into this room are- Sofa or sectionals, Accent chairs, recliners, pull out sofas, love seats, ottomans for seating. Additionally, furniture like teapoys, side tables, benches, accent tables, bookcases, accent chests, entertainment centers, credenzas.
  • Dining room- This is the room, where your complete family can gather and enjoy and have conversations over dinner or breakfast, basically spend some quality time together in your busy schedule. One would want this room to be as authentic and homely as possible. The kind of furniture that go into this room are- table chairs, dining tables, bar stools, china hutches, side boards, console tables and if you have a lot of kids playing around, maybe even as kids’ dining table with tiny chairs around it.


  • Bedroom furniture- This is the room where everyone comes to rest or read a book or just laze around on a free day. This is also the room where you would spend some quality time reading or spend some time with your significant other. It is best if this room is left pleasant and calm. The furniture that can be used in this room is- beds, nightstands, dressers, chairs, armoires, benches, closets and a coffee table if necessary.
  • Office furniture- It is important to maintain your office in a very systematic and organized manner to impress your clients or find important things easily. This organized manner can be maintained easily with the right furniture such as- desks, office chairs, laptop tables, bookcases, storage cabinets, and sofas.
  • Nursery- Setting up your baby’s room can be extremely tenuous as you would want to be super careful with every little detail and wouldn’t want to mess up anything which can hurt your precious little one. Here is a list furniture to go into your precious little one’s room- cradle, crib mattress, crib, rocker, chest of drawers and diaper pail.