Tips for Buying Antique Rugs

Handmade or machine-woven? Matching your wall décor or flooring aesthetics? An elaborate fancy piece or a vintage subtle expression? If you’re confused about choosing an authentic antique rug for your home, this buying guide may turn out to be useful!

Even though these tips or guiding principles can be used to make a purchase of the rugs, however, having a thorough understanding of the rug material always has an upper hand over theoretical knowledge.

Antique rugs buying guide.

  • Style – Every individual is unique and so is his style and psyche. This concept can be applied to the Persian rug design pattern as well. People may like a bohemian, aesthetic, contemporary, or modern-styled design when compared to a natural or classical approach.
  • Rug ‘Motifs’- While purchasing a rug, people pay a lot of attention to the spacing (or motif) of the design. A decorated elaborate piece of Antique rug has a different appearance when compared to a vintage Scandinavian styled rug. Similarly, a folk-theme based rug would have an altogether different approach when compared to an abstract geometric styled Persian rug.
  • Rug Material – A basic understanding of the rug material before one ventures out to make a purchase is quite crucial and recommended task. When it comes to buying oriental rugs, these are woven on vertical looms by tying knots (creating different and interesting designs every time).

  • The Language of a Rug – Whether it is a modern Persian rug or antique rug, the buyer must not display a complacent behavior before the purchase has been made. Doing a quick research on border length, the color specifics, the patterns or designs of a Persian rug of your choice, etc. does not do any harm.