Top 10 Built-In Wine Coolers

built in wine cooler

By Gage Hanson
If you are an avid wine drinker, want to add a sense of sophistication to your kitchen, or just enjoy the latest amenities, a built-in wine cooler is probably something you would be interested in. They are practical as well as stylish. You can keep your favorite bottles of wine cool and easily accessible in a sleek looking unit. A wine cooler built right into your kitchen is even more useful because it saves you space on your countertops. This list of top 10 built-in wine coolers, as well as a list of features you should look out for, will be a great guide for your first foray into high-class wine storage.

What to Look For

Size (H2)
Size and storage capacity are two of the most important details you need to be aware of when selecting your wine cooler. If you only ever have ten bottles of wine on hand at a time, you might only need to purchase a free standing cooler that can be tucked away on top of your countertop. However, if you are thinking of storing 100+ bottles of wine, be prepared to spend over a thousand dollars and find space to install a built-in cooler. You can find good wine coolers in any size though, so decide on what size you want before you start browsing.

Temperature (H2)
A lot of wine aficionados believe that different types of wine should be stored and served at different temperatures. If you like your wine at a single temperature, or only ever buy and serve one style of wine, then a single temperature zone cooler is the style you should look for. However, a lot of people prefer a dual temperature zone wine cooler because they like their white wines served a little chillier than their reds. Higher end built-in wine coolers might even feature three or four temperature zones, but I would only recommend this pricey option to those of you who consider yourself wine fanatics. Most of us don’t have four different temperatures that we like our wine at.

Additional Features (H2)
After you have figured out your price point, size, and temperature zone preferences, you can look at many of the additional features many wine coolers come with. Some have LED lighting and have a sleek, modern design, while others feature a wooden appearance. Some feature interactive displays and others come with locks to make sure your wine stays safe. All these extra features will obviously cost you more, but it is up to you to decide what you can’t live without.

Best Wine Coolers

46 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler $869
While not quite breaching the $1,000 mark, this wine cooler is still not exactly for penny pinchers. That being said, you won’t find a more solid beginner wine cooler. This is one of the best wine coolers you can find because of its solid storage capacity (46 bottles) and dual temperature zones. It is 24-inches wide and features five racks for your wine storage. It also has LED lighting so it will fit in with any modern kitchen style and impress any guests you entertain on wine night.

53 Bottle Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler $809
If you are looking for a wine cooler that holds a few more bottles for a little bit cheaper of a price, look no further than this Edgestar unit. It is still only 24-inches wide, but includes six shelves for that added storage capacity. It also makes use of simple, digital controls that will let you control the temperature of your wine easily. The tinted window door will protect your wine from outside light that could spoil the aging process. This built-in cooler also features a wooden finish that will look good with any countertops.

30 Bottle Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler $619
A slightly more budget friendly Edgestar model, this wine cooler is only 15-inches wide and is good for fitting in smaller spaces where a bigger capacity wine cooler couldn’t fit. It also comes with a reversible door so you can choose whether you want it to swing from right to left or left to right depending on your kitchen layout and hand preference. This single temperature zone cooler can serve as a standalone unit as well as a built-in cooler. So if adaptability and value are your game, this is the wine cooler for you.

141 Bottle Capacity Built-In or Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler $1,559
One of Edgestar’s best high capacity wine coolers, this 141 bottle cooler will meet all of your wine storage needs in one purchase. It is 24-inches wide and 70-inches tall, so roughly taller than half of the guests you will be entertaining, it is definitely an impressive addition to any kitchen. This high-end cooler also features dual temperature zones so you can keep your reds and whites at specific serving or storing temperatures. This will help your wine taste better and last longer. The stainless steel trim and wooden finished wine racks will help this large cooler look good no matter where you decide to install it.

Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding $599
Our first non-Edgestar listing, this Kalamera unit will nonetheless fit your wine storage needs for up to 30 bottles. It is a single temperature zone unit, but features a compression cooling system that is low vibration and low noise, so you won’t be disturbed by it working, and your wine won’t be disturbed inside the unit itself. This helps keep the wine tasting fresh. The inside features six storage racks and blue LED lights that will light up your wine collection to show off to all of your friends on the next game night.

Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator $1,193
The higher end and larger version of the last Kalamera we looked at, this unit can hold up to 46 bottles and includes the same low vibration cooling system found in the previous unit, but comes with a dual temperature zone system. It also comes with everything you would expect out of a $1,000+ wine cooling unit. LED lights, a digital control system, a reversible door, a locking mechanism and the functionality to act as a built-in unit or a freestanding cooler. Kalamera coolers also include a temperature memory system that will automatically return your cooler to its last temperature if it loses power. This is a great safety valve that will let you rest assured that your wine will stay cooled properly, even in the case of a power outage.

Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator $611
This Whynter unit is great if you want a dual zone built-in wine cooler, but don’t want to shell out the money for a larger storage capacity. It only holds 28 bottles and measures 15 inches wide by 35 inches tall, so it is a perfect space-friendly option for your kitchen. It is a jet black color with a stainless steel front door and wooden shelves that are more high profile than any of the rest of the wood finishes we have covered. This Whynter also has open-door and malfunction warning systems so you won’t ever forget to close the cooler door again. There is also a plethora of modes that includes a Sabbath mode function so you can shut all the lights off without shutting the cooler down, or a showcase mode that increases the brightness of the interior LED’s.

NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler, 29 Bottle $599
This NewAir unit is one of the most basic units on this list, but has solid reviews and is tied for being the most budget-friendly option for a built-in wine cooler. It is 15 inches wide by 34 inches tall and features a reversible door so it is just as versatile as the rest of the list.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler, 116 Bottle $1,680
On the other end of NewAir’s product line is their 116 bottle behemoth. It is 27 inches wide, 56 inches tall and will serve as a gorgeous showcase piece for your wine collection. It is a dual temperature zone unit and features unique, gold LEDs that will make your wine bottles glow on their shelves. It also makes use of a gliding rail system that makes the shelves movable and all of your wine bottles easily accessible.

Allavino FlexCount Series 172 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator $1,880
If you’ve made it this far, you are undoubtedly looking for the best built-in wine cooler, regardless of price. If that is the case. The Allavino 172 bottle refrigerator might be the cooler for you. It is 71 inches tall and is built from unique metal shelving that supports more wine bottles than other shelf designs. This is absolutely one of the best wine coolers and will have guests ooing and awing when you entertain them to a night of wine and revelry.