Turkish Antique Rugs

Turkish Antique Rug

If you’re looking to decorate your home in a unique manner while enjoying a warm and elegant environment, you need to direct your attention toward Turkish antique rugs. Why are these rugs such a good option when it comes to interior decorations? While it is true that we can find a wide range of rugs and carpets, Turkish antique rugs still have the charm of past days.

There were days when having a rug was possible for the wealthy only. In ancient Turkey, people loved decorating their homes with bright colors and intricate patterns. The more furniture one had and the brighter were the colors in which they were painted, the wealthier that person was. Made with attention to details, a Turkish antique rug can be a great addition to every home.

The history of Turkish rugs

Turkish Antique Rugs
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From the moment they appeared, Turkish rugs were a reflection of the traditions from that part of the world. Also known as Anatolian carpets, Turkish antique rugs contain the culture and traditions of the various tribes that lived in the country centuries ago.

The oldest rugs of this kind date back to the 19th century and their patterns are somewhat asymmetric while using bright colors, obtained with the help of natural dies. Believe it or not, there are several types of antique Turkish rugs, each with its own specific elements and purpose.

The Ladik rugs were rather small, as they were mainly used for praying. They often come with vivid burgundy details and intricate designs, although the central pattern is not necessarily a symmetric one. Then there are the Yuruk rugs, made mainly by the nomadic people of Anatolia. These rugs are woven by hand and made out of fine wool. Considering that the people who made the Yuruk rugs were sheepherders, it is natural to find this material in the composition of the rugs. Their designs are lovely and provide a warm feeling due to the loose structure of the weaving, which gives them a rather rustic appearance.

There are also the Melas rugs, which feature clear geometrical compositions and are carefully rendered. In comparison with the rest of the rugs, this particular type appears to be more studied and they are famous for their lighter tones of green. The Bergama rugs, which are known for their multi-medallion patterns, also come from the 19th century and are very popular among collectors. Finally, the Mudjur rugs, used predominantly in urban areas and are made in a fine yet formal manner. Red is still featured a lot in this carpets, together with designs symbolizing lanterns or a “tree of life” in blossom.

Of course, Turkish rugs are still made respecting the traditional methods is quite a few areas around Turkey. They are famous around the world for their unique appearance and ability to represent traditional motifs. If you want to enjoy a piece of history in your own home, an antique Turkish rug will allow you to enjoy this in a pleasant and comfortable manner.

Why are Turkish antique rugs so appreciated?

You won’t be able to find rugs like these anywhere else in the world. Because they are so closely connected with the culture of the area, you can be sure that you’re getting more a piece of art rather than a mere carpet. If you’re looking for more reasons to get a Turkish antique rug, you may want to take a look at the following lines.

  • They are still made by hand

One of the reasons Turkish antique rugs are so amazing and have that inexplicable charm is due to the fact that they are still made by hand. Of course, you will need to get them from reliable providers if you want to make sure this is indeed respected. Thus, if they are handmade, each rug will be unique, even if similar patterns are used. It is worth knowing that there are two types of Turkish antique rugs. There is the flat-woven version and the knotted version. It is a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing one or the other.

  • It tells a story or represents a beautiful memory

Believe it or not, the women that wove these rugs used the power of patterns and motifs to tell their own stories. So, even if a rug will grab your attention with its colors and gorgeous motifs, there is a story behind that rug, the emotions of a person and personal experiences shared in a creative manner. Also, if you have the chance to get a Turkish antique rug during one of your personal visits to Turkey, the rug will represent a beautiful souvenir and memory. Turkey is an enchanting country and it is one of the best places for making such purchases.

  • The natural colors used for these rugs will fade less

The best part about choosing handmade rugs is that they are colored with natural substances, which are more resilient to the passing of time. But, do bear in mind that you will have to clean and wash your rug by respecting certain conditions if you want to keep it in great shape. So, make sure you get all the useful info about the rug you are about to purchase. What kind of materials were used for its making? When was it made? What are the best cleaning practices? Are there any documents to attest its authenticity? Authenticity documents should be asked especially if you get your Turkish antique rugs from providers outside Turkey, in case you don’t plan to visit the country any time soon.

  • Choose reliable sellers only

The Internet may be filled with sellers that claim to provide so-called genuine Turkish antique rugs. Because there are people that collect such items, plus that they are great items for anyone looking for something with a unique character, it is possible to get scammed by sellers trying to make a profit out of this. So, do proper research and select reliable sellers only, if you truly want to enjoy an authentic Turkish antique rug.

How to avoid buying fake Turkish antique rugs

Even if buying such a rug from Turkey will reduce the chances of buying a fake item, you can still be scammed. Scammers exist in real life, even in Turkish shops, not just on the Internet. These rugs are highly appreciated and sought after, so the demand for these products made some people want to look for easy profits. Here are valuable pieces of advice that will keep you from getting scammed.

  • Not all rugs sold in Turkey are actually Turkish rugs

The fact that you’re in a Turkish market or store doesn’t mean that the rugs sold there are actually Turkish. There are many sellers that have rugs coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Iran, and the Caucasus. So, the first thing you need to find out is the origin of the rug, so you will have a good view of its value. In other words, buying something from Turkey doesn’t guarantee the authenticity of the product.

  • You may want to get the help of a rug expert

While there are reliable sellers in Turkey, there is a high number of sellers that will try to get as much money as possible from you, without selling you authentic Turkish rugs. They know that you are a tourist or visitor and lack the expertise required to buy a real Turkish rug. Besides this, can be very insistent and practice inflated prices in the case of tourists. So, you may want to request the assistance of a rug expert. You can find such people both in Turkey and in the US, and they are the right people to give you the information you need to make an informed choice, concerning the right price and qualities of a real Turkish rug.

  • Ask details about the rug before purchasing it
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A reliable seller will know everything about the products he sells, so you should not avoid asking him a set of questions about the rug you’re interested in. Considering that a genuine Turkish antique rug can cost several thousand dollars in some cases, you may want to make sure you’re buying the real deal.

So, ask the seller not just where the carpet was made, but also by who. Is it handmade? What kind of colors were used? How old is the rug? How about the materials from which it is made? Bear in mind that you should do proper research and talk to a specialist before embarking on such an adventure, so you will have all the knowledge that will allow you to determine if a carpet is genuine or not. Also, it is worth knowing that you can bargain for a Turkish rug, so don’t hesitate to use your negotiating skills.

So, if you want to give your home a warm and welcoming feeling, and a unique character, Turkish antique rugs can help you with all of these. Just make sure you get them from a trustworthy provider in case you can’t travel to Turkey in the near future.